Suffix 字尾 -es:plural(複數), 3rd person singular(第三人稱單數)

ending nouns (plural) verbs (3rd person)
-sh ashes, dashes, flashes, radishes, splashes, washes, dishes, fishes, wishes, bushes, pushes, brushes cashes, mashes, smashes, trashes, fishes, finishes, rushes, pushes
-ch ranches, arches, benches, beaches, peaches, inches, riches, bunches, touches teaches, reaches
-tch batches, patches, latches, matches, watches, sketches, itches, switches, stitches catches, matches, watches, fetches
-ss classes, glasses, masses, passes, presses, kisses, dresses, crosses passes, kisses, misses
-s  gases, lenses, biases, buses  
-x axes, taxes, boxes, fixes, mixes, foxes fixes, mixes
-o heroes, tomatoes, potatoes goes
-z quizzes buzzes, freezes

y > -ies
Words ending in -y preceded by a consonant: change the y to i, and add "es".

• Nouns: families, babies, ladies, parties, enemies, berries, cherries, lilies, cities, histories, dictionaries, victories, theories, spies, flies, replies, varieties, stories, countries, buddies, puppies, duties, beauties

• Verbs: carries, cries, tries, relies, denies, studies, hurries

Words ending in -f: replace -f with -v, then add "es".
shelf (shelves), leaf (leaves), loaf (loaves), wolf (wolves), yourself (yourselves)

Words ending in -fe: replace -fe with -v, then add "es".
knife (knives), wife (wives), life (lives)