English contractions

verb + nt (not)
isntis not
wasntwas not
arentare not
werentwere not
doesntdoes not
dontdo not
didntdid not
hasnthas not
haventhave not
hadnthad not
cantcannot (can not)
couldntcould not
mustntmust not
shouldntshould not
wontwill not
wouldntwould not

pronoun + shortened verb
ImI am
youreyou are
werewe are
theyrethey are
itllit will, it shall
IllI will, I shall
hellhe will, he shall
shellshe will, she shall
youllyou will, you shall
wellwe will, we shall
theyllthey will, they shall
thatllthat will, that shall
IveI have
youveyou have
wevewe have
theyvethey have

couldvecould have
wouldvewould have
shouldveshould have
mightvemight have

-s (is, has)
heshe is, he has
shesshe is, she has
itsit is, it has
thatsthat is, that has
theresthere is, there has
whatswhat is, what has
whereswhere is, where has
whoswho is, who has
hereshere is, here has

-d (had, would)
IdI had, I would
hedhe had, he would
shedshe had, she would
youdyou had, you would
wedwe had, we would
theydthey had, they would
thatdthat had, that would
theredthere had, there would

letslet us