English contractions

verb + nt (not)
isnt is not
wasnt was not
arent are not
werent were not
doesnt does not
dont do not
didnt did not
hasnt has not
havent have not
hadnt had not
cant cannot (can not)
couldnt could not
mustnt must not
shouldnt should not
wont will not
wouldnt would not

pronoun + shortened verb
Im I am
youre you are
were we are
theyre they are
itll it will, it shall
Ill I will, I shall
hell he will, he shall
shell she will, she shall
youll you will, you shall
well we will, we shall
theyll they will, they shall
thatll that will, that shall
Ive I have
youve you have
weve we have
theyve they have

couldve could have
wouldve would have
shouldve should have
mightve might have

-s (is, has)
hes he is, he has
shes she is, she has
its it is, it has
thats that is, that has
theres there is, there has
whats what is, what has
wheres where is, where has
whos who is, who has
heres here is, here has

-d (had, would)
Id I had, I would
hed he had, he would
shed she had, she would
youd you had, you would
wed we had, we would
theyd they had, they would
thatd that had, that would
thered there had, there would

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