family, lily, only, monopoly, polyester

ly: suffix used to form adverbs (副詞大多以 ly 做字尾)
absolutely, accurately, actually, anxiously, sadly, gladly, badly, basically, gradually, naturally, famously, frankly, randomly, rapidly, exactly, handsomely, thankfully, apparently, miraculously, unanimously, sporadically, systematically, lately, safely, gravely, amazingly, simultaneously, vainly, plainly, aimlessly, patiently, vaguely, strangely, fairly, unfairly, barely, rarely, carefully, carelessly, sparingly, unsparingly, hardly, partly, quarterly, calmly, cautiously, flawlessly, warmly, helpfully, cleverly, freshly, definitely, indefinitely, regularly, especially, effectively, eventually, directly, indirectly, relatively, tentatively, temporarily, accidentally, extensively, technically, intentionally, consecutively, presently, effortlessly, endlessly, correctly, incorrectly, really, eagerly, neatly, repeatedly, seamlessly, dearly, clearly, cheerfully, sweetly, freely, deeply, evenly, completely, immediately, frequently, previously, recently, seriously, merely, sincerely, nearly, fearlessly, typically, officially, efficiently, briskly, swiftly, quickly, richly, vividly, willingly, differently, literally, instantly, instinctively, scientifically, explicitly, assiduously, ridiculously, deliberately, unwittingly, nicely, wisely, silently, entirely, tirelessly, highly, rightly, rightfully, slightly, finally, kindly, quietly, primarily, wryly, oddly, honestly, strongly, obviously, optionally, promptly, consequently, consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously, approximately, periodically, ironically, chronically, boldly, coldly, solely, openly, overly, hopelessly, hopefully, closely, joyfully, slowly, locally, totally, mostly, socially, appropriately, softly, shortly, fortunately, poorly, loudly, proudly, roughly, bluntly, abruptly, suddenly, subsequently, ultimately, publicly, justly, usually, uniformly, beautifully, surely, maturely, certainly, perfectly, personally, overtly, inadvertently, firmly, firstly, virtually, urgently, currently, concurrently, wordlessly, thoroughly, happily, necessarily, heavily, easily, busily, luckily, voluntarily, gently, simply, favorably, preferably, terribly, possibly, probably, constantly, truly, unduly

(Some adjectives formed by adding -ly to nouns are also used as adverbs.) [形容詞與副詞同型]
early, hourly, daily, nightly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, yearly, worldly

(adjectives ending in -ly)[字尾是 ly 的形容詞]
elderly, friendly, unfriendly, smelly, deadly, heavenly, measly, silly, chilly, timely, untimely, likely, unlikely, unsightly, lively, lovely, bodily, holy, homely, lonely, costly, oily, orderly, disorderly, cowardly, ugly, curly