English syllable(英文音節):com

• company, compass, encompass, combat, comrade, complex, compress (noun), competent, compensate, competition, complicate, compliment, complement, comfy, compromise, combo, compost, comfort, compound (noun), compact (noun)
comprehend, comprehensive, competition, telecom

• /kəm/(unstressed 弱音): companion, compassion, compatible, complacent, complain, complaint, compare, compartment, compel, compress (verb), complexion, contemporary, compete, complete, complicit, compile, combine, comprise, comply, compliant, compliance, composite, component, compose, composer, composure, combust, compulsive, compulsion, compute, compute, compound (verb)

* Two-syllable nouns are usually stressed on the first syllable. Two-syllable verbs are usually stressed on the second syllable. 有些二音節單字名詞和動詞拼法完全相同;名詞重音通常在「第一音節」,動詞的重音通常在「第二音節」 。
e.g. compress, compound