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I. Spelling Games: (Two players: Player A and Player B)

(1) Building Words:  Each in turn casts two or more blocks and combines letters to make words. Whoever creates a word first or makes the most words wins.
■ Example:  Two blocks are randomly selected and cast. They display the letters “e” and “k”. Use the two letters to spell words that contain e and k, such as desk, keep, key, peck.

(2) Word Puzzles:  Each in turn chooses blocks to form a word, scrambles the blocks, and lets the other player re-assemble them into the target word.
■ Example:  The target word is book. Player A picks 4 blocks and turns them to the surfaces that display b, o, o, k (without the other seeing), scrambles them, and lets Player B re-assemble them into the target word. (kobo ―> book)

II. Spelling Activity: Each player in turn says a word for the other player(s) to spell using the appropriate blocks.
■ Example: Player A says “fox”, then Player B selects blocks to form the word, “Fox” (f-o-x).

III. Phonics Activities:

(1) Rolling Blocks: Select two or more blocks to roll and assemble them to sound out the different letter combinations.
■ Select two blocks (one consonant block and one vowel block) and roll. Two combinations are formed: vowel+consonant (V+C) or consonant+vowel (C+V), such as of or fo.
■ Pick three blocks (two consonant blocks and one vowel block) and roll. At least two combinations are formed: consonant1+vowel+consonant2 (C1+V+C2) or consonant2+vowel+consonant1(C2+V+C1), such as taf or fat.

(2) Rotating Blocks: Select two or more blocks and rotate them to form different letter combinations for sounding out phonetically.
■ Example: Pick one consonant block (such as a block that has the letter f) and one vowel block (a block that has the letter o). Hold the vowel block and rotate the consonant block (Fo, fo, go, ho, jo, ko). Or hold the consonant block and rotate the vowel block (of, uf, af, ef, if).

*Parents and family members can design other spelling games or activities.